General Website FAQs

Q: How long has the MOKANSCAN Website been online?
Our website was launched in late 2004.

Q: I can't locate any live streaming scanner feeds or mobile scanner apps anywhere on this website. What's the reason for that and where might I find those?
You won't find any live scanner feeds or mobile scanner apps anywhere on our website. We absolutely refuse to host or run those, and here's why: more and more public safety agencies (particularly law enforcement) are securing their communications with encryption. This encryption trend has grown exponentially over the past couple of years primarily because other scanner hobby websites have introduced smartphone "scanner apps" which allows anyone to access Police, Fire, and EMS radio broadcasts over the Internet with ease. Several agencies in the Kansas and Missouri region and Nationwide began using full-time encryption on their primary dispatch channels a few years ago. As long as the live scanner streams continue to be offered, it's safe to assume that many other departments will chose to fully encrypt their radio channels in the not-so-distant future. The agencies who chose to block out public monitoring did so largely because criminals and other ill-intentioned folks were using the smartphone apps as a tool while committing civil disobedience and other illegal activities.

We realize that 90% of the law abiding citizens who use the mobile scanner apps do so in a legal and responsible manner. It's the other 10% (criminals and other non law abiding nit-wits) who don't. It's that other 10% who are the ones screwing it up for the rest of us. Frankly, we feel it's just plain foolish that other websites continue to host and stream the live feeds knowing damn good and well that in doing so, it will kill our hobby eventually! Those who disagree or believe otherwise are living in extreme denial (or could simply care less). That's fine, though. We can't control the actions of others. Just remember when there's nothing left to monitor, they were the reason our hobby went down the shitter.

Our advice is simple: if you want to listen to your local public service agencies, we strongly recommend that you save up the cash and buy a scanner. Most importantly, keep what you hear to yourself, and don't rebroadcast or stream it over the Internet. As far as our website is concerned, we don't wish to contribute to the demise of our hobby. As such, we simply list frequencies and other related information so that fellow hobbyists can program their own equipment. To be clear, NO...we won't refer you to websites that offer live streaming scanner audio/smartphone apps! Please do not send us support messages requesting that (we will just ignore them).

Q: From what source(s) does your information come from?
All of our frequency listings (conventional, trunked, or otherwise) are gathered directly from the FCC ULS Database. Trunked radio system data (talkgroups, etc), on the other hand, is gathered from different sources (actual subscriber radios, system administrators, and end users) just to name a few.

Q: Do I have a warrant out for my arrest? When is my court date?
Wrong website! You need to contact your local court, police department, or sheriff's office to obtain that information. We are simply a hobby website with no affiliation whatsoever with any State, Local, or Federal law enforcement agency. Don't send us messages or support tickets asking about this type of shit. We can't provide the answers you're looking for. (Yes, believe it or not, we often get support tickets from people asking about traffic tickets, court dates, and such. We felt it was a good idea to address the issue on this page).

Q: How often is your website updated?
Updates are conducted on a fairly regular basis as new information is discovered or as changes are reported by others. More in-depth updates are typically conducted every 2-3 months (or as time permits).

Q: How many people are involved in the maintenance and overall operation of this website?
Four. One global administrator, one wiki manager, and two others who assist with maintenance on the main website. All of us share moderation duties and pitch in with updating the website's content.

Q: Do you need an extra hand or is there anything I can do to help support the website?
We appreciate your interest! For now, we have everything covered. Should that change, we will post an announcement on the front page. If you're wanting to help support the website, we would be very appreciative if you can give us a "heads up" if you stumble across any incorrect/outdated information. If you do indeed discover any old, missing, or incorrect listings, please contact us via our support page. If you're wanting to be a sponsor for our website or wish to make a monetary donation, we do appreciate the offers, however, we have to politely decline. We never have, nor will we ever charge for access, implement revenue ads, or solicit donations. We regularly volunteer a portion of our free time to conduct site maintenance, updates, etc, and we enjoy doing so without expecting any monetary compensation in return.

Q: The information you have listed on a certain page is incorrect and/or outdated. How can I get in contact with you?
As previously mentioned, should you come across bad information, please visit our support page and send us a ticket. We will make every attempt to resolve the issue(s) in a timely manner.

Q: I recently purchased a new police scanner or commercial two-way radio, and I can't figure out how to program or operate it. Can you help me out?
Unfortunately, we don't have the time or resources to assist folks with one-on-one scanner/radio programming or technical support. We will do our best, however, to point you in the right direction and find someone who can. If you need assistance with programming and such, we recommend that you contact the following:

  • For police scanners and amateur radio equipment, please contact these local businesses:
            Associated Radio
            8012 Conser
            Overland Park, KS 66204
            (913) 381-5900

           If you need help operating or programming a public safety scanner, please visit these websites:
Mark's Scanners (easy to read manuals, tips, and other helpful information).
           Radioreference Forums (messageboard to get helpful answers from fellow radio hobbyists).

  • For commercial/professional grade two-way radio equipment, please contact the following businesses:
          For Motorola Equipment:
         4901 Bristol Ave
         Kansas City, MO 64129
         (816) 753-2166

         Midwest Mobile Radio Service
         812 S. 10th Street
         St. Joseph, MO 64501
         (800) 633-1025

         Rayfield Communications
         2018 W. Woodland St
         Springfield, MO 65807
         (417) 887-4663

         125 Jackson St
         Topeka, KS 66603
         (800) 447-2348

         For Kenwood, BK/RELM, Harris, icom, EF Johnson, and Vertex Standard equipment:
KC Wireless
         720 W. 23rd St
         Independence, MO 64055
         (816) 836-5700

Q: I'm a radio system manager or a department head for a public safety/government agency, and I'm requesting that you remove our frequency and/or trunked system information from your web pages. Who can I speak with to address those issues?
There's no need to speak with anyone as the information is staying put. Unless you can come up with a damn good reason as to why you feel the data should be removed, we will not honor (or even consider honoring) such requests. Lame reasons such as HIPPA, responder privacy/safety aren't convincing enough and won't cut it! If you don't want the public scanning or monitoring your agency's radio traffic, there are different measures you can take to secure radio transmissions. Remember, we do not stream public safety radio communications over the Internet, nor do we host mobile/smartphone scanner apps. That's not what we're about over here. If you think that's what we're doing, you need to go back and browse the site again before getting your panties into a knot. We are doing absolutely nothing wrong by simply publishing radio frequencies and similar data which is already publicly accessible through the FCC databases.

Q: I represent a news media outlet and would like to do a story on the radio scanning hobby and/or your website. Would you be willing to speak with us and possibly do an interview?
No. We do not accept news media inquiries, nor will we agree to do interviews.